Auditions August 30, 2009
Westlake Dance Center
10703 8th Ave NE #101

Seattle, WA 98125

6th Day Dance Company Auditions:  6th Day will be holding auditions for the performing company on Sunday August 30th 2009 from 1:30 to 5:30pm at Westlake Dance Center 10703 8th Ave, Seattle WA 98125.  To schedule an audition please download the Dancer Interest Packet and Application and email the completed application by August 28th 2009 to Company membership is a volunteer position. Dancers interested in applying need to be of an advanced level in skill.   

If you are interested in submitting a video audition, the video must be a modern solo between 2-3 minutes in length, include at least one unique jump or leap and at least one triple turn of your choice.  Please contact for mailing address for video submissions.

Our skill criteria are based on numerous intangibles however; certain skills we consider valuable are:
1) A solid foundation and understanding of ballet and modern dance.
2) At least two years performance experience.
3) Must be able to complete solid double rotations in at least two different types of turns.
4) Versatility of dance experience
5) Strong sense of musicality
6) Energy to take risks and try new dance styles
7) An ability to communicate through movement

6th Day Dance Interest Packet
6th Day Dance Application

Apprentice Program Auditions:  6th Day will be holding auditions for the 6th Day Dance Apprentice Program on Sunday August 30th 2009 from 1:30 to 5:30pm at Westlake Dance Center 10703 8th Ave, Seattle WA 98125.  The program is a unique opportunity designed for young dancers who have a faith in God and have a desire to incorporate their faith into their love of dance. 

Dancers interested in applying for 6th Day's apprentice program must be 14 years or older, have had at least one year of prior dance experience (preferably in ballet technique), and be at an intermediate level. 

Program course runs 1 day a week from September 2009 to May 2010 with scheduled breaks for holidays.  Course includes weekly master classes on Sundays with company, biblestudy, mentoring and 3 performance opportunities.  Program cost for the year is $450 which includes a $25 registration fee.   

For more information and details please look under our "classes" icon.

Dancers interested in applying for the Apprentice Program must:
1) Complete the application for admission, and
2) Write a letter of intent for admission into the apprentice program.
Mail the above with a $25.00 non-refundable application fee by August 28th to 6th Day Dance, 21823 8th Pl W, Bothell WA 98021.  We will then contact you to schedule your interview and audition time.

6th Day Dance Apprentice Info Packet

6th Day Dance Apprentice Application


Next Intensive Summer 2010
6th Day Dance

Summer Weekend Workshop
June  2010

The 6th Day Dance Summer Dance Workshop will provide solid technical training in the fundamentals of dance as well as explore the fusion of faith and dance.  This weekend workshop will give dancers, teachers and choreographers the opportunity to concentrate solely on the art of dance and your passion for using this gift to glorify God.  In this supportive and exciting environment you will experience the freedom to explore new dance methods, innovative techniques and styles that you may not have encountered before.  This setting creates a forum where dancers of faith can come together to meet and network which allows for the opportunity for future collaborative work.  Workshop is for dancers ages 14 and up.

Brochure and Registration Forms available January 2010!

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